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2021/22 Season Committee

Position Member Name
Chairperson Regan Dent
Vice Chairperson Dale Beuerman
Secretary Abbey Jackson
Treasurer Tim Regan

Committee Members of the Club will be elected at each Annual General Meeting for the season. Please refer to the Club Calendar for details. All persons elected as Committee Members must:

  • Become Members (non-swimming) of the Club
  • Become a member of the P&C Association
  • Have a current Blue Card

2021/22 Season Support Team

Position Member Name
Chief Nominator Jimmy Pollack
Chief Starter(s) Duncan Penfold
Chief Marshaller Vacant
Canteen Convenor Georgie Bourke
BBQ Convenor Steve Vassallo
The Talent (aka Announcer) Megan Beuerman
Carnival Convenor Melanie Pemberton
Trophies & Medals Melanie Pemberton 
Merchandise Committee
Pool Improvements Committee
Technology & Systems Steve Vassallo

Committee Position Descriptions


As chairperson of the Camp Hill Amateur Swim Club your duties are varied. The chairperson must be able to lead the Club without controlling and remaining unbiased and impartial on all issues. Should issues or conflicts arise you must ensure that there is fair discussion and all points are expressed before a decision is reached.

Other duties of the Chairperson is to be able to delegate, involve Club members in decisions, have a good working knowledge of the Club’s constitution and rules, manage the monthly and Annual General meetings and represent the Club at the school P & C monthly meetings.

It is essential that the Chairperson shows leadership which gives confidence to all Club members.


Assists the chairperson. If the chairperson is unavailable to attend or conduct meetings, the Vice-chairperson will then preside.


Secretarial duties include recording of minutes at monthly committee meetings and at the Annual Club Committee meeting.

Filing of all inward and outward correspondence and the typing of any letters etc. to be emailed.

Preparation and photocopying of membership forms, carnival calendar, rules and regulations for club sign-on day.

Preparation of Newsletter and any other secretarial duties needed.


The Treasurer can be seen as the money manager of the Club. The Treasurer is responsible for all money matters, including banking, spending and security of the Club’s funds. Ideally, the Treasurer should have at least a basic understanding of bookkeeping.

The main function for the Treasurer is maintaining effective records for the control of the various fees paid into the Club, including membership fees. The Treasurer is also responsible for making various payments for the running expenses of the Club. Reports on the Club’s financial position are prepared on a monthly basis and presented at the monthly meeting.

The Treasurer needs to be well organised and able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the records. They should be fully informed of the financial position of the Club at all times and should be aware of the information, which is required for the annual audit.


The Chief Nominator’s main role is to maintain all swimmers records on the Club computer. Duties include:

  • The entering of all details of new and current members into the Club computer.
  • Ensuring the Club dates and swim orders are set up correctly in the Swim Time program.
  • Registering swimmers and accurately recording all their times on Club nights.
  • To organise Individual Medley Championships, Age Stroke Championship day and Trophy presentation at the end of the season. The Swim Time program keeps accurate records to assist in the organisation of these events.







Together with the Coach you will select swimmers for inter-club carnivals. These are solely selected by Friday night times. Please see the section on Inter Club Carnivals for further information on the selection process.


The Club Captains & Vice-Captains patrol the sides of the pool in novice events, build Club spirit with the swimmers and should be present at all Inter-Club carnivals to aid in marshalling and represent the Club at the trophy presentation.

The criteria to be applied for the selection of Club Captains and Vice-Captains are:

  • Regular Friday night attendance
  • Attends carnivals. Wears Club gear.
  • Shows responsible behaviour at training and Club nights
  • Older mature member
  • Solid level of swimming skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Years of service to Club
  • Good school record
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