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Parent Volunteers

We pride ourselves on being a friendly family based Club. The committee welcomes family involvement in all areas. We have a canteen and BBQ roster on Friday nights and all parents are asked to volunteer at least one night per season to help out.

We are also asking that each family give a minimum of four nights per season to time keep or assist with other pool deck duties. Don’t be put off if you are new at this, it only takes a few minutes of instruction to get up to speed and the children love to see their parents at the finish. All helpers are asked to sign on each time they have duties on pool deck, canteen or BBQ.

As part of the membership registration process, parents are able to indicate which volunteer tasks they are able to assist with in order of preference.  When parents then nominate their children for Club Night events they are presented with the ability to volunteer for the tasks they have indicated during membership registration.  

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