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Meet Basics and Rules

Refer to the Club Handbook for more information - Club Handbook and COVID plan.

  1. The Club competition will be each Friday night and an entry fee will be charged. This may be altered at the discretion of the Committee.
  2. No child will be allowed to go outside the pool gate or leave unless accompanied by an adult after 6.00pm. Committee members will not be responsible for the actions of members.
  3. Children must be accompanied by an Adult (18 years +).
  4. The decision to cancel club due to bad weather will be made at 6.00pm at the pool by the Executive Committee.
  5. The method and system of conducting events will be determined by the Committee and the decision arising there from will be final and binding in every respect.
  6. Competition will be held over all four strokes and will be contested on a time relative to personal best basis to give every swimmer equal opportunity.
  7. The Camp Hill Crocs recognise that many members are seeking greater convenience when looking to nominate their child for Club night events. We therefore offer and online service for nominating your child via the club website. (www.camphillswim.club). Simply, click the appropriate Club night button and complete the form.  Note no nominations will be accepted on pool deck.
  8. Online nominations will open each Friday within 3 hours of the end of that day's meet and will close at 5.00pm the following Friday.

Parents and swimmers

If you have nominated online you do not need to come down to the nominations table to check your nomination. Parents please let your child know that they have been nominated online so they do not line up to double-check. This way we can be as efficient as possible and start the meet on time.

  1. Children who nominate to swim and then change their minds must advise the Race Marshall, the Announcer and the Nominator. Points will only be awarded for races competed in on the night. Cancelled swims do not count toward Championship qualifying.
  2. The records of the Nominating Committee will not be available to others except at the discretion of the Chief Nominator or by the discretion of the Chairperson.
  3. Swimmers times will be displayed but only as a courtesy to swimmers. The Chief Timekeeper may alter these times if a discrepancy occurs.
  4. Club captains will patrol the sides of the pool during 25 metre events. Competitors who are in difficulty in the water should support themselves on the lane ropes until help arrives.
  5. Movement along the sides and ends of the pool will not be allowed, except by Officials and Competitors in the charge of Officials. These areas are out of bounds and children playing in these areas will be asked to return to the stands.
  6. There must be absolute silence at the start of every race and when silence is called for.
  7. A Member competing for the first time in either Division of a particular stroke will swim a “time trial” over 25 metres for which points will be allotted within a specified time.
  8. Competitors must be able to complete at least one length of the pool unaided to be eligible for points.
  9. Swimmers must immediately go to the marshalling area when the race events are called. If a swimmer is not there when the Race Marshaller calls their name, the race will proceed and the child may miss the race. They will not earn any points for that particular race and the swim will not count toward Championship qualifying.

  10. Camp Hill Amateur Swim Club
    Updated 4.9.20 by JW

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