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Timing System

The timing system used is an electronic system that automatically starts when the starter's gun is fired. The race time is displayed on the 65” TV screens and “Smart Phones” are used in each lane to record when a swimmer has completed the race. The time keeper in each lane uses the "Smart Phone" to register the end of the race for the swimmer in their lane by pressing the volume rocker as the swimmer touches the wall. An example of the "Smart Phone" is shown below.

If a time keeper accidentally bumps the volume rocker stopping the time they only need to simply touch “Restart” on the smart phone screen. This will cancel the “stop” and continue the timer as if nothing had happened. The race can then be stopped correctly when the swimmer touches the wall at the end of the race. The swimmers time will appear on the LCD screen of the smart phone. 

The power button is located just below the volume rocker. Thus time keepers need to be aware of what button their finger or thumb is resting on. If the power button is pressed, the screen will black out. To return to the timing interface press the power button again. If this occurs at the completion of the race advise the Chief Time Keeper and adjustments to the time for that swimmer may need to be made.

For normal club nights there will be one time keeper (phone) per lane. For club championship events and carnivals there will be two time keepers (phones) per lane. When two phones are in use the timing system averages the two times and displays the split average on the TV screens.


Wireless TV Screens

The results of all six lanes are displayed on the two TV screens with each screen showing four columns of information:

1.Lane number

2.Swimmer’s name

3.Swimmer’s time

4.Swimmer’s position

For example:

In lane 3 Brian B swam a time of 1 minute, 20.77 seconds to come in first position.

In lane 2 Emily S swam a time of 1 minute, 34.12 seconds to achieve second position.

Whilst you may wish to note the race results at the time they are displayed please note results and all times from a club night will become available on the club website later that weekend in the Records & Results section of the web site.

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