Club Calendar 2020/21

Sat Mar 27

Age Championships 2021-20
Venue - The Crocoseum
Start: 5:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:45 PM
End: 9:30 PM (estimated)

Entry Requirements

  1. This is a Championship event where medals are awarded.
  2. For a swimmer to participate in the Age Championships, they must be able to swim the stroke using the correct technique.
  3. All members must swim a minimum of 9 individual Friday night club events over the season (ie Pre and Post Christmas) in each stroke to qualify for the Club Age Championships in that event.

This means if a club swimmer wishes to compete at the Age Championships in all four strokes, they must have completed 9 swims in each stroke.

Club Nights This Season

Pre Christmas Nine
Post Christmas Eight
Note - Swimmers joining the Club for the first time in the second half of the season (after the Christmas break) must swim a minimum of 4 Friday Club Night events for each stroke in which they wish to qualify. This rule only applies to their first season.
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