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Pool Code of Conduct

The Swim Club has a Code of Conduct and behavioural expectations whilst at the pool. Please ensure you and your children are familiar with these rules.

  • All children must be under the supervision of an adult for club nights, championships and carnivals.
  • If children are not in the pool they must remain seated at all times.
  • Children are NOT permitted outside of the pool area unless accompanied by an adult.
  • The toilets and change rooms are not a play area.
  • Please keep the pool area tidy – place all rubbish in the correct bins.
  • Competitors and spectators must be quiet so as not to disrupt the start of races.
  • Keep stairs clear at all times.
  • No running in the pool area.
  • Diving only allowed under supervision.
  • Safe behaviour at all times.
  • No swinging on the cross-support bars.
  • No standing or walking on the seats at any time.
  • We recommend that children do not leave their personal belongings in the change rooms.
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