Squad training and Learn 2 Swim cancelled for term 1.

In response to COVID-19 Camp Hill State Infant and Primary School have sent notification of cancellation of a number of school and extra-curricular activities.  At this stage the P&C have advised the Swim Club to cancel all scheduled Term 1 squad training and Learn 2 Swim classes.  

We thank you for supporting the Camp Hill Swim Club 2019/2020 season and we look forward to an early return to pre-season training in Term 3.  The first few weeks will allow for make up training sessions therefore no training refunds will be issued at this stage.

Thankyou to our Club Captains, Tamsyn and Alyssa and we welcome you back for rescheduled events so you can enjoy a few more CROC moments with the seniors and junior swimmers.  

Thankyou to all of the volunteers who on a weekly basis support the Swim Club and without your work this club would not operate.  So thank you to the Timekeeping crew (aka Swim Club no1 parents), our Chief nominator - David Courage, Chief starters Duncan Penfold and Regan Dent, Club Marshaller (the job no one wants) - Quentin Hill, Canteen Convenor - Georgie Bourke, BBQ King and Queen - Tim and Jane Brook, The talent (aka announcer) - Karen Sullivan, Carnival/trophy star - Mel Pemberton, Bar Staff - Dale Beuerman and Kelvin Pemberton, Club gear gal - Mary-Jane Courage, Tech & Geek support (aka Club President) Jason Woolridge, Vice President - Megan Beuerman, and No1# Banker (aka treasurer) - Lindi O'Hehir.

And of course a big thankyou to our Coaches Nathan, Jas and team who have trained the CROCS hard this season resulting in great swimming and times in the pool.

I will send through a full report to members at a later date including the Swim Club fundraising efforts....again thanks to you all.   

If you are available/interested in attending the Camp Hill P&C meeting it is on tomorrow evening at 7.30pm (room not yet confirmed) as it would be great to have a few club members attend to support the Swim Club reports which include items such as pool water quality and water temperature which are both ongoing issues and the Swim Club committee is keen to seek a resolution/action with the school.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me and we will be in touch at a later date re the Club Trophy event. 

Please keep safe and healthy.

Kind regards


Club Secretary

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